Simple Carrot Soup


the simple goodness


Underneath the soil lays an abundance of root vegetables that make delicious vegetable stock for spring and autumn dinners.  This soup can be made in twenty minutes, fresh, from peeling to simmer to blend and in a bowl with a hearty piece of bread.


5 medium-sized carrots

1 Chinese white radish (resembles a large white carrot)

3 small leeks

half red onion


the stock before the blending


some salt/pepper

1 garlic clove

teaspoon fresh ginger

Coarsely chop the vegetables and put them into a medium sized pot.  Fill the pot with enough water to just cover the vegetables.  Boil for 5 minutes and lower the heat to a simmer for 10 minutes.  With a handheld blender, blend all the freshly boiled vegetables into a smooth consistency.  When fully blended, serve into soup bowls served with a slice of bread. For decadence, swirl a dollop of fresh cream or crumble some of your favorite cheese like feta in the soup bowl. Garnish with fresh rocket or dhania.

Tip 1: When making a vegetable stock, consider blending all the goodness together instead of straining it all out.  In this recipe, you have a thick scrumptious soup with all the added fiber and nutrients without over boiling the vitamins out of the veggies.

Tip 2: If you make too much for yourself, freeze the extra quantity in an ice cube tray, or 2 cup sized containers.  Add these to flavor any dish in the future for added goodness value.

Tip 3: Add spices to this simple soup like yellow curry, cloves, rosemary, or tarragon.  Any of these will give this soup a completely different taste so experiment and share how it goes.


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