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Pink Pancake Recipe with Strawberry and Beetroot

In Recipe on November 17, 2011 at 12:21

Healthy Pancakes on The Culinary Linguist Blog #beetroot

Mickey Mouse pancakes were cool growing up.  I  got to eat dessert for breakfast; sugar-gooey syrupy pancakes with chocolate chip eyes, a cherry nose and whip cream smiles.  These days, I discovered eating pink pancakes are just as fun for breakfast and have a natural sweetness thanks to the sugarbeet and strawberries added in the batter.  By transforming your juiced fiber from your juicer into a delicious batter you can get a nutritious colorful pancake fry-up for breakfast that tastes like dessert but provides you with a wholesome breakfast.  It looks like you are cooking playdough, but I promise it’s tastes much than your days at preschool.

Here is this fun-blushing recipe:

Juice in your juicer:

1 beetroot

6 strawberries

Remove the fiber of the beetroot and strawberries from inside your juicer and place in a separate bowl.Strawberry and Beet Pancakes on The Culinary Linguist Blog #breakfast

Mix dry ingredients first:

1/2 cup flour

2 TB sugar

1 tsp baking powder

1/4 cup oat milk powder

Then add:

1 egg

Beetroot & Strawberry fiber

Slowly pour 1/3 cup water (or the beetroot/strawberry juice) into the bowl until batter is at a  thick but smooth consistency.

Heat a dab of butter/oil on your griddle and spoon the batter on the surface, spreading it out in the shape you desire. Spread it out to about a centimeter deep and let it cook on one side on high heat for 3 minutes. If it’s easy to slide on the pan, then flip it. This batter is super easy to flip but can burn fast so keep an eye on it.

Frying Note:  Since there is beetroot and strawberries mixed into the batter, the inside layer between the cooked sides will remain soft.  Don’t mistaken it as it being undercooked . . . It won’t become cooked dough because the heated beetroot and strawberry give it the soft gooey consistency on the inside.  When it gets to a golden colour on both sides, consider it cooked.

Here’s the fun part.  When you take it off the heat, spread tahini on top or mascarpone cheese.  Serve with fresh strawberries and your favorite syrup.  I drizzled the famous Prickly Pear for added sweetness. Garnish as you like using fresh fruit.

Strawberry and Beet Pancakes on The Culinary Linguist Blog #breakfast #africa

Sweet Note: The sweetness of the strawberries and beetroot are already in the batter, so add more of less sugar into the batter to your taste.  I like things sweet so adding just 2 TB is enough since I load up the pancakes with syrup afterwards.  Plus if you substitute water for beet-strawberry juice, than the sweet content will be even higher, leaving no need for sugar.

TIP:  These pancakes can easily become savoury, just leave out the sugar.  Enjoy pink pancakes for lunch and add stir-fried vegetables or a lentil curry inside. Yum!

Keep it Fresh with Juice and Beets

In Friend's Kitchens, Recipe on November 10, 2011 at 13:15

When my amigaFresh Carrot and Beetroot Juice on The Culinary Linguist Blog #juice, talented singer/songwriter, Ernestine Deane, was preparing to migrate to Germany, she generously gave her juicer a new home, which is now my new favourite kitchen instrument.  Up until Ernestine’s last week in Cape Town, the Le Dou MagiMix spun out delicious alchemy for her family, most importantly fresh orange juice to keep the immune system boosting during the last winter months in the Cape Town peninsula.  Now that oranges are less in abundance and spring has come into play, the iron and folic acid powerhouse: beetroot is added to every juice mix I make. Find out more what beets have to offer at: Juicing for your Health.Fresh Carrot and Beetroot Juice on The Culinary Linguist Blog #juice

The recipe below is my morning favourite.  Rich in beta-carotene, anti-oxidants and iron . . . It makes me feel that I’ll never have to wear blush again if I keep consuming such colourful produce. Turn up the volume to soulful dub while you juice your carrot sticks and beets.  It will brighten your insides and out: Play it here and wash your veggies nice.

In your juicer:

Six whole carrots

1 beetroot

Six strawberries

Healthy Juice on The Culinary Linguist Blog #juice #recipe

Chop some fresh mint for a natural mouth freshener while you gulp down the goodness.

Makes almost a pint of juice!  Chug it down.

Dankie Erniewam! x

TIP: Juice the carrots first and remove the carrot fiber from the juicing blades and place in your garden compost.  The worms will thank you. Then juice the beetroot and strawberries and save the fiber so you can later transform it into a scrumptious breakfast. (I made pink pancakes with it.)  Stay tight for that yummy post soon.

Fresh Carrot and Beetroot Juice on The Culinary Linguist Blog #juice #recipe

Fool-proof Crepes

In Recipe, Stories on January 10, 2011 at 10:56

For my birthday this year,  my ‘sweet as sugarcane’ man made us a crepe

Birthday sweets

breakfast.  His speciality in the kitchen ranges from delicious pasta dishes, creative braai ‘BBQ’ fish marinades, and his exceptional skill to flipping crepes with ‘kitchen ninja zen’ style.  There is no need for a spatula when he is around so I got a grand show of crepe-making perfection on my summer scorpion birthday.



Kitchen ninja skills: flippin' the crepe


When my mom visits us in Cape Town she spoils us with her own food creations and gifts-us essential kitchen necessities to recreate them, hence, why we have the most amazing T-fal Dura-base Tehnology crepe pan.  I have her crepe recipe taped to the back of my cupboard door so we can be reminded how easy it is to recreate them just as if mom was around asking if we want Nutella crepes (my love affair and ‘break-up’ with Nutella will be explained in future posts).



Home gardening


Strawberry season begins in November in South Africa and this year our home food gardening was successful enough to grow our own tasty sweet strawberries.  For this birthday crepe breakfast, there was just three hanging from the bush but nonetheless they proudly were eaten with our crepes.  The easy quick crepe recipe goes like this:


Fool-proof crepes:


2 eggs

¾ cup milk

1 cup flour

½ cup water

3 T melted butter


For sweet crepes add:   1 T sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

For savoury crepes add: ½ teaspoon salt

fresh herbs and spice


Melt the butter in a pan on low heat and let it cool.  Beat the eggs in a bowl. Add the milk, water and cooled butter to the bowl.  Mix well and slowly stir in the flour.  The batter should be a consistency that is easy to pour.  Heat the crepe pan on medium heat and coat with a thin layer of butter.  Using a ladle, slowly pour a thin layer of batter on to the warm pan until it covers the surface of the pan easily.  Watch the batter cook on medium heat and when small bubbles start to form throughout the batter.  Flip or use a spatula to turn the crepe tocook evenly on the other side.  Your crepes should be golden brown for them to be cooked and soft enough to fold around your desired ingredients.  These crepes had a handful of strawberries, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a squeeze of lemon and a healthy dose of fresh cream.  A great start to any birthday!  Thank you sweetness.





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