Easy Rice and Beans Recipe

The staple diet of beautifully steamed rice and refried or hot steamy black beans is a comfort food and can be eaten with most anything.  I also love a raw salsa as a salad and I picked four vegetables I had in my fridge and chopped them up in a processor.

Using what you have in the fridge helps with overall kitchen groceries management, learning how to get creative with recipes you see and adapting them to your available resources without making a special trip to the store makes cooking SO much easier.  Doing this helps clean out your fridge and lands fresh veggies onto your plate rather than going limp in your produce drawer, poor carrots.  Add cumin, cilantro, lemon, onion and salt and your taste buds will recognize the pungent flava flav, no matter what vegetables you added.


1 cup Rice

1 cup Black beans (soak over night)

half carrot

1 tomato

half red pepper

half yellow pepper

half red onion

Juice of one lemon

half TB of Cumin

handful of cilantro (dhania)

salt and pepper to taste

Boil beans in water with a slice of lemon and bay leaves until soft and drain the liquid. Heat two cups of water with 1 cup rice in a pot until at boiling point and lower the heat to a simmer until water has been absorbed. Just when the water has been absorbed, add 2 TB of oil and cover the pot with a lid.  This will give you a crunchy fried rice at the bottom of the pot which is scrumptious eaten when scooped out and served  with soft smooth beans.

Chop the onion, carrot, tomato and peppers in a food processor to the desired size, on pulse.  Add lemon juice, chopped cilantro, cumin and salt and pepper to taste to the mixture. This will be the rainbow salsa to your rice and beans.  Add tortilla chips to your rice, bean and salsa dish to use as edible utensils.  Garnish with fresh chopped chili peppers or sprinkle chipolte powder.

Tip 1: Grate your favorite mild cheese, queso fresco or white cheddar and fry the cooked beans with the cheese and serve it over rice garnished with the salsa.

Tip 2: Soak a whole bag of beans overnight and boil. Drain the beans and save the bean broth for a soup or as a base to other dishes that require a seasoned broth. Set aside a cup of beans for your dish and store the rest in freezer tight packaging for other rice and bean nights.  This way you will have ready to go beans that can be quickly defrosted in hot water and heated with cheese, yum!  So quick and easy to enjoy your comfort food.

Tip 3: As long as you have lemon, cumin, and onion you can make any type of raw salsa that speaks to your tongue.  Substitute one of the raw vegetables in the recipe with cucumber, cabbage, green apple, celery, green pepper, beet, or chayote

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