Easy 10-Ingredient Homemade Ramen Soup Recipe

There is nothing better then having a fresh broth to use as a flavour canvas for making  a delicious soup during a winter evening.  The recipe below can be modified to what you have in the fridge, so please use this as a guide to create some divine umami alchemy!

We live close to clean oceans where we can forage mussels, so I often use the broth from steaming the mussels. Try your soup that way or with your own seafood, beef, chicken, vegetable stock.  Making fresh homemade is better.

Ingredients for Ramen – Egg Noodle Soup:

Serves 2 people

2 1/2 cups broth of your choice

2 TB soy sauce

1 clove of fresh garlic, quartered

1 tsp Japanese 7 spice, to taste.

pinch of whole Szchewan peppers, or other chilies of your choice.

1 TB of chopped fresh ginger

1 handful of fresh spinach or any freshly grown or foraged green of your choice: broccoli, dune spinach, cilantro, zucchini, etc.

1/3 cup of chopped carrots

** if you are low on fresh vegetables, try adding some of your preserved lacto-fermented veggies to enhance your soup’s flavour. Just be aware it will raise the salt levels, so you may have to dilute broth with a 1/2 cup water as it simmers.

Ramen noodles of your choice – I like ready-made egg or soba (buckwheat) noodles. How many noodles you add is up to you. The more noodles you add, the more broth they will soak up so balance it out accordingly & add some water & salt to taste if you want more broth.

Garnish any additional flavours like your choice of dried seaweed/fresh seaweed, a boiled egg, fried crispy onions, sesame oil, sesame seeds, etc.


Put broth in a pot and place on the stove on medium heat.  Add the following ingredients and bring to a boil on high heat. Then place noodles to cook in boiling broth until cooked through.  Remove from the stove and place in a wide soup bowl.  Garnish with your choice of additional flavours.

Enjoy this quick, easy, nutritious soup! Let me know what flavours you tried!

Easy Ramen Soup Recipe - The Culinary Linguist


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