Spinach and Agushi: Ghanaian Flavour at the Portobello Market

Spinach & Agushi at the Portobello Market on The Culinary Linguist Blog #London

As I’m writing this my mouth is watering again.

We went to London to celebrate my Pop’s “Bones” 70th birthday year.  We travelled 9623 km from Cape Town and hopped around the 940 metres of Portobello Market in London.  There were hundreds of stalls to choose from for our varied market food palettes.  I came across the funky chalk-printed sign Spinach and Agushi, The Ghanaian Food Co. I was intrigued by the aroma and liked their Earth-friendly packaging.

 My whole family got order envy when the friendly market vendor from Congo dished me up a super-size portion after I rapped my two words of Lingala to him. I even got extra fresh salad garnish on top.

Exclamations of tastiness poured from my mouth after the first spoonful combo of seasoned rice and spinach& agushi stew reached my tastebuds.  I was a happy chowing tourist. It was most flavour-packed food at the market hands down and made me smile to know I was celebrating the diverse culture and food from the very continent I had just travelled from.

Spinach & Agushi at the Portobello Market on The Culinary Linguist Blog #London

No joke, this dish makes me want to go to Ghana to sample more of the spicy flavourful cuisine.  I’m putting it on my list of things to do. 🙂 I snagged a brochure of their booming London catering biznass, Jollof Pot. They deliver and cater events, serving up amazing dishes like gari foto-grated cassava flavoured in a spicy tomato sauce with roasted pepper and red onions, chilli prawns with crispy sweet potato chips and tilapia and coco yam cakes.

I’ll have to tell you, this stall of Ghanaian seasoned rice and stew put the popular Spanish paella stand to shame. It’s true. I did sample the flashy pan-cooked stuff and it had nothing on Spinach & Agushi . . . I wish I would have gone back or hope to someday eat at the Jollof Pot’s restaurant.  In other words, when Pops says “We’re going to have fish and chips for dinner in London.” I’ll say, “Meet me at the Jollof Pot for chilli prawns and sweet potato chips!”

The Jollof Pot has a online shop: You can order this food hamper or Ghanaian spice kits. 

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  1. Kristen says:

    I SO agree! I had order envy so I did what any good older sister does, and DOVE right in to share it! It was so flavorful, depths of spice and flavor..it totally put the Spanish Paella to a sad shame. In fact, as we were eating the Paella later that day, it was unsaid, but I know we were both thinking “Why didn’t we buy more of that Ghanaian treat!!!!!!!?”
    If I lived in London, that would be a weekly order of comfort food for me. Not only was it superb but it was served PROUDLY, with a smile knowing that she was handing over a culinary gift to us.

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