The secret to making Oscar-winning Popcorn

The Academy Awards came and went but yet the popcorn-maker is still at work-satisfying each movie-goers mesmerizing experience in the world of cinema stories. You pay more for a Cherry Coke and Jumbo sized popcorn than a sit-down dinner at the show, and somehow a movie screening isn’t the same without this cinema snack.

My pops, a self-proclaimed super-taster, a.k.a Bones, loves

a.) Great Films


b.) Excellent Popcorn.

Luckily, we growing up with a Homemade Popcorn aficionado, we never knew what a bottom pile of unpopped kernels or  burnt popcorn ever tasted like.  Renting videos from the local Video Adventure film rental meant that Dad was in the kitchen later systematically pouring kernels into a deep pot, preparing for the home movie experience.  Today, I asked for his popcorn-making method because no movie would win an Oscar without popcorn made like this:

First:  Prepare your counters and kitchen stove top

popcorn production studio
Use your favorite kernels
dig through the pantry
open the kernel bag carefully
Pour Coconut oil one kernel deep in pot.
pouring the oil 'one kernel deep'
Cover bottom of pot with kernels all around but not layered.
covering the pot o' buttered gold
Turn on gas burner to medium heat. Cover and do not shake pot.
the waiting game: covering the pot until silence

When kernels appear to have all popped; wait for 5-10 seconds of silence and turn off heat. Lift cover slowly.

the opening show

Pour all into bowl. Lightly salt with popcorn salt. Microwave butter for 20-30 seconds and pour.

You now are eating great popcorn.
Red Carpet smile of an Academy-award winning Poppa
If no coconut oil you can use corn oil. 

Tony L.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristen says:

    Best post ever! I made popcorn yesterday for our Red Carpet viewing and thought I would add salt/sugar for some interest…well, Super Taster Pops said “What is this shit?!” haha!! I failed.
    Although he has taught me well, I like to veer every now and again…only to crash and burn. 😉

  2. Saeco says:

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