Gatesville Saturday Market

fresh buchu leaves

My friend, Michelle and I drove past Athlone into Gatesville to dive into the goods at the Saturday market.  Along Klipfontein Rd, tents and vendors hugged three blocks of the sidewalk selling fresh aloe, socks, produce, breyani and jewelry.  We weaved through the daily market shoppers and poked our way through aesthetically fun and random stalls adorned with pink-rimmed sunglasses and Michael Jackson undies.  Gatesville is known for the best Gatsby sandwich in Cape Town but I was excitedly distracted by the random treasures commonly found at many local sidewalk markets, no matter what neighborhood or country you’re in.  I first got greeted ‘Irie’ at the  herbal vendors and added

medicinal fresh buchu leaves to my bag. I then stood indecisive in front of the spice vendor trying to decide which two-rand packet of spice flavour to add to my spice jar.  Later that night, I made a yellow lentil dhal curry with mashed sweet potato and fried onions with my Gatesville smoked madras masala. Aside from the stalls, Bombay Bazaar was my favorite shopfront with humourous goodies including the Learner’s Wife Cookbook and a wall dedicated to Shahrukh Khan and tshirts of him below it. Neither made it to my shopping basket this time, but there will be a next time. 🙂

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  1. Kristen says:

    Love those purplie blue nails and the jewelry underneath them! The Breyani looks YUM…what’s in it?

    1. athenailya says:

      Breyani can have everything in it! It reminds me of a paella but with tumeric and cinnamon and curry instead of paprika. I didn’t try this one, but I loved how it was in a big ass pot served by the scoopful 🙂

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