World Nutella Day



Feb. 5th is World Nutella Day and it’s a surprise that I missed it. I had a love affair with Nutella in 2003 and it lasted til 2005. During that time I was the main author of “How to incorporate Nutella into 3 meals a day” the sub-title should have been “how to gain weight and keep it on for as long as possible with a smile on your face”. I think the hazelnut oil gave a glow to my completion . . .

My typical love affair with Nutella went like this:

For breakfast: Toast with Nutella and freshly sliced pear

Lunch: Nutella and banana crepes

Dinner: Nutella, Apple and Peanut Butter sandwich

Dessert: Nutella on a spoon.

There was at least one meal a day that involved Nutella and me.  It all started in Paris, while I was traveling with friends.  We were backpackers, hustlers, and on a cheese and baguette shoestring budget.  We were in an internet cafe that had huge jars of Nutella on display as decor in a quiet corner.  Naughty as we were, we decided that one missing from the shelf wouldn’t put them back. Yes-we stole the Nutella jar, the biggest jar we had ever seen!  Between the three of us, we now had a sweet hazelnut spread  to add to our cheese and baguette diet in Paris.

Karma caught up with me since I became addicted to the smooth hazelnut flavour of Nutella and I couldn’t shake it for two years.  I never knew anything was wrong with eating Nutella everyday until I came to South Africa.  Nutella wasn’t as readily available as I was used to and so it slowly slipped out of my everyday and never rushed back into my kitchen cupboard.  I still love you Nutella and am happy you have found  a day in this world for me to celebrate your existence.  Thanks to David Lebovitz’s blog of food in Paris I can attempt to make my own version of you.

If you are a Nutella virgin, then meet Ms Adventures in Italy.  She will give you 50 ways to celebrate the spread of Nutella and help you identity what archetype of Nutella-lover you are.  As for me, I’ll be having a belated-celebration because between you and me, everyday is World Nutella Day.

© David Lebovitz

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristen says:

    Hilarious!!! Good thing, I dislike (actually gag) at Nutella..sorry!! Don’t worry, I have many “nutella type addictions” to battle of my own though. Marzipan anyone?
    Enjoy in moderation..wait, I see the word “EAT” in there!

    1. athenailya says:

      hahahaha, I think creating a “almond nutella” is doable! I also think a crunchy version is the next best thing!

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