Guacamole on Toast

Easy guacamole snack in 2 minutes!

Fresh vital goodness on toast, for breakfast, for a snack, appetizer, or just because it’s avocado season-Guacamole toast has been born.  Or is it the lazy way of getting all the pungent delicious flavours into one bite without cleaning a food processor or pestle and mortar?  Well if you have a cutting board and a knife, then you are ready to create this fresh rainbow plate.

The How-to:

1 medium avocado

half a yellow pepper

half a ripe tomato

a pinch of fresh cilantro

a quarter of a red onion

pinch of salt and pepper

sprinkle of chipolte pepper

sprinkle of cumin

a squeeze of fresh lemon

Toast your favorite type of bread loaf. Click here for the Bread recipe.

Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit. Spoon out on half and spread it on your toast as if it were peanut butter.  Sprinkle the cumin, salt, pepper, and chipolte pepper.  Cut the tomato, yellow pepper and onion into thin slices.  Place the slices onto your seasoned avocado toast as an open faced-sandwich style.  Top the toast with cilantro and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Tip 1: Season your avocado with any spice that is sitting lonely in your spice rack or cupboard.  This is your chance to discover how deliciously seasoned your avocado on toast can be and how many flavours it can speak with spices you already have. Slice any fresh vegetable you have in your fridge: a layer of red cabbage on your open-faced toast sandwich (sarmie)?  Maybe cucumbers and carrots will go well with your yellow curry powder sprinkle.  You’ve got the bread and avocado is your butter, so pair it with some fresh produce and spices and you got a balanced plate of produce deliciousness.

Ready for a bite . . .

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