The Perfect Soft-Boiled Egg


The Soft-Boiled Egg


Is the perfect boiled egg done in 3, minutes, 4 minutes, 4 and a half?  What if the egg is extra-large, or has been refrigerated?  The beauty of the perfect boiled egg is that you develop your own quirky habits of ‘knowing’ when it is ready to the consistency you enjoy dunking freshly buttered toast slices into the seasoned yolk.   I have memories as a pre-kinder kid loving the finger-food boiled egg treat with French playmates.  Growing up, butter never reigned as high as Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my house so buttered toast was never found on our breakfast table. When I first had buttered toast in Marie’s home, I experienced my first taste combination fetish: Butter-Toast-Soft-Boiled Egg and therefore became best friends with our Parisian neighbors.  I loved everything about the soft-boiled egg eating experience: The precious egg cup holder, delicate teaspoon, thinly sliced buttered toast that gets dunked into warm salted egg yolk.

These days I have my own soft-boiled egg cooking techniques (when the egg taps on the pot while the water is boiling I turn the heat off and remove the egg after I have buttered my toast) but I still cut my bread into dunking strips as if I were at Marie’s.  In Cape Town, I support the local  funki funghi truffle lady by buying her oil three times a year or more depending on the frequency of a soft-boiled egg craving.  The oil substitutes the butter on the toast or doesn’t :).  I pour the oil right in the salt and peppered yolk and spoon out the goodness of truffle brushed egg white and yolk and place it on a slice of fresh toast. Mmmm, really it’s just the best way to eat an egg-thanks chicken and Marie for buttering my toast into bite-size utensils.


El Fin


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  1. kristen says:

    Yum! Your toast slices are called Toast soldiers in England I think. It’s perfect for dunking. I too, like the tiny-ness of the soft boiled. I bring my egg to a boil, turn off heat, and let sit for 3 minutes covered. Then crack into it. Also dipping steamed asparagus into the egg is mighty delicious!

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