Food Language Speaks Up!

Food and communication is a necessity for all of us and this blog is a celebration of variety, sharing of ideas, cultures and the language of food which ultimately connects us all.

The food that will be and has been created in my kitchen and friend’s kitchens will be spoken about in this blog, as a testament to the way we each have our own food language.  It communicates history, culture, experience and motivates us to create and share, diversifying our palette.

So this is a journey and journal through the languages of food, mixing and experimenting with tastes from many different spice racks, gardens, cultures and regions.

Please feel free to share this space as a forum of recipe ideas, flavor and food language gossip.  I love to hear the stories about food, questions, ingredient combination discoveries, and the rituals of food sharing, etc. Otherwise, I hope the recipes shared here speak to you and can be recreated in your own unique way.

Whatcha thinking?

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